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Jan 31, 2018

Abd Al Rahman III comes to the scene and brings Al Andalus back from the brink. His successes usher in a period of prosperity that unfortunately is short lived.

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Global Spirit

TAW 60342 (p) 2000 Oreade Music

(p) © 2000 Karunesh Music

© 2008 Global Spirit Music (Publishing)

Colors of the East

KM006 Oreade Music

(p) © 2012 Karunesh Music

© 2012 Global Spirit Music (Publishing)

 Sun Within

KM007 Oreade Music  

(p) © 2016 Karunesh Music all rights reserved

© 2016 Global Spirit Music (Publishing)


Paul Avgerinos

and from

Foreign Land - Jingle Punks
Shesh Pesh - JR TUNDRA
The work of Kevin Macleod:
Cambodian Odessy
Desert City
Arabian Nightfall
Meditation Impromptu
Cambodian Odessy
Darkening Developments
Creative Commons Attribution license (