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Jun 8, 2019

The year is now 1252. Ferdinand III, the warrior king of Castile, is dead. He leaves his son the most powerful kingdom of the Iberian Peninsula. Alphonso X comes to power, and while he has ambitious goals he has even greater challenges. While he may become the warrior king his father was, he makes his mark as something even greater. 


Dedicated to my son Siddhartha 


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- Battle of Megiddo

- Metus

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El Castillo De Santiago


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- Cambodean Odessy

Kevin Macleod

- Sardana

Joss Edwards

- Sand and Sunburn


- Nanshan

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- Golden Age

Omri Lahav

- Peak of Atlas

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- I'll Remember You

Anno Domini

- Archetype

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- Eyes of Glory
- Asturias - Suite Espanola
- Moonlight Sonata - Paul Pitman

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