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Nov 5, 2015

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The might of a combined Hun Empire challenges the remains of a declining and dying Western Roman Empire. Attila faces his greatest challenge at the hands of his friend and former colleague, Aetius. The fate of western civilization hangs in the balance as the Huns once again go to...

Jun 3, 2015

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The Roman Empire continued its fall into oblivion as Attila and his Huns rose to prominence. Men like Aetius struggled to keep the dying Civilization of Rome intact, but the King of the Huns had other ideas.

Mar 26, 2015

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The decline of the late Roman Empire was exacerbated by the invasions of several barbarian groups who were only too willing to take advantage of its fall. Attila the Hun was the embodiment of this invasion and would be known to history as the "Scourge...