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Nov 17, 2023


Vasco da Gama is placed in charge of the Fourth Portuguese Armada and returns to the Indian Ocean. In his last voyage he came as an explorer - this time he comes as a crusader and brings holy war with him


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Sep 12, 2023

Dec 1500

The Portuguese trading outpost in Calicut has been destroyed. In the night a vast mob attacked, razed it, and killed nearly everyone inside. Pedro Cabral orders his ships to bring their canons to bear on the city. Diplomacy has ended and now there is only need for revenge. The Portuguese commander looks back at...

Aug 10, 2023

August 1498

Vasco Da Gama makes his way north along the Malabar Coast of India. He is on the run. Negotiations have broken down with the King of Calicut - who has deployed a fleet to hunt down the Portuguese. On August 30th the King's men intercepts Vasco's ships. 70 small ships approch and fight is inevitable. 



Jul 22, 2023

1498 - a Portuguese Fleet of four ships has travelled for nearly a year and now is in the middle of a vast ocean. It has covered a distance of 12,000 miles (half the circumfrence of the Earth). Its crew has suffered malnutition, disease, and hosital encounters. Was it worth it? Suddenly on the eastern horizon something...

Jun 30, 2023

Its 1487 and Bartolomeu Dias has traveled further than any European. He takes a gamble, subjecting his fleet to the will of nature. For 30 days he and his men are adrift on the open ocean at the pity of the winds and currents. But then they spot land. Was this just another bay on the endless coastline of Africa? Or...